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Loose Change - This lively volume of short stories by Rebecca Guillain demonstrates how ordinary people can experience extraordinary moments of transformative revelation. Familiar themes of family, friendship, relationships, age and death are given a fresh, unique perspective, proving that all of us are capable of growth, wisdom and transformation even if the future looks uncertain.

169 pages, Paperback
Published February 26, 2023

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About the Book
This anthology was inspired by the American writer Wright Morris and the photographer and poet Rebecca Norris Webb. Pairing words with photography has existed for over a century, the term Photo-poetry however was first used in 1936 by Constance Phillips with her book “Photopoems: A Group of Interpretations Through Photographs.”

We wanted to pay tribute to this fusion of art forms with this collection, created using our individual skills of writer and photographer. The images and words are linked, but loosely woven, allowing the viewer and reader to create their own connections. We all see things differently and our perception can change daily depending on external and internal factors.

As the title suggests, we wandered physically and mentally where and whenever we could, taking inspiration from an eclectic mix of images and poetic forms. The results were subjective and occasionally unexpected but always rewarding.

Signed copies avaiable, contact us for more details.
About the Book
In our second volume of photo-poetry, we discover our fragile connection between ourselves and our environment. Weaving the possibilities between text and image is open to interpretation. The themes explored in this book will strike at the root of all our life experiences.
Signed copies avaiable, contact us for more details.

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